Meet the Artist

Crystal and Canvas is a Florida based creative company established in April 2018 by yours truly, Ashley Jagmohan. 

Astrologically, I am a Capricorn Sun, Cancer Moon, and Aquarius Rising. Along with art and holistic healing methods, I am very passionate about the preservation of Mother Earth as well as the pursuit and passage of knowledge. I am influenced greatly by nature, spiritual attunement, and uplifting others. All of these facets were introduced to me by the teachings of my grandmother, who is truly my biggest inspiration. 

This shop is a way for me to share my love of creating art and offering space for healing. Every piece is designed with love and care. My goal is to not only adorn the body and personal environments with beautifully wrapped gemstones, but to heal others with what I am able to create from the heart aided by the metaphysical powers of the materials I work with. I am grateful for being able to follow my passion, for all of the people I have connected with, the opportunities I’ve had and those that are still to come. I am infinitely grateful to be able to create something with my own hands, and for it to not only bring me happiness, but bring happiness to others as well.
Much Love, ♡ Ashley