Now Is the Way
Now Is the Way
Crystal and Canvas

Now Is the Way

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Bookmark featuring Tigers Eye, Sunstone, and Citrine 

Tiger’s Eye will expunge your fears and anxieties, and replace it with renewed willpower. Stimulating the solar plexus, the power chakra, you will experience an increase in your energy and attitude levels. This stone is highly recommended if you have an entrepreneurial spirit or plan on starting your own business, as you will be more focused on your goals and desires in the upcoming months; it will also create a sense of emotional stability to handle difficult situations. Tiger’s Eye is also meant to bring you luck and prosperity in your future endeavors.

Sunstone embodies the regenerative power of the sun, encouraging personal growth, motivation, and confidence. It brings optimism and enthusiasm, help lift dark moods. It aids you in standing up for yourself and recognizing your own self worth.

Citrine instills a sense of happiness within you. This stone will take any sort of negativity you may endure--negative thoughts or negative experiences--and transform them into something more positive. Citrine will inspire optimism. It also attracts wealth and prosperity.

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